Headaches are an extremely common medical disorder that can be disabling.  To understand the path to relief, it is critical for you to obtain an accurate diagnosis from a trained professional.

Did you know....

*40 to 50 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches.
*Over 150 different variations of headaches exist

For those suffering from chronic headaches, quality of life often decreases as a result of the discomfort.  Headaches can be disruptive and detrimental to your family, school, work, and social life.  If untreated, headaches can lead to emotional distress, including depression; and all ages can be affected by headaches.

My holistic approach provides an explanation of the possible long-term and acute triggers of headaches.  Mitigating these identified triggers enables you  to prevent the onset of headaches and to decrease their intensity.  Furthermore, my, non-medication, approach will help you to decrease the symptoms even after a headache has materialized.

Migraines, in many cases, can be linked to exhaustive and prolonged stress. The brain shuts down as a defense mechanism, and normal functioning ceases to exist. Your body is actually trying to help you, but if you've had a migraine before, it's hard to understand how that is possible. Unfortunately, common medication treatments for migraines are either not quick enough or completely ineffective. Botox® has been shown to be effective in certain situations, but is a temporary solution.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, over 12% of the population suffer from migraines. It tends to run in families and is seen as the eighth most disabling illness in the world.

My treatment is personalized to each person and their unique circumstances.  I use a number of non-medication strategies to work with you to overcome your headache challenge, including Biofeedback, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Audio/Visual Interactive Brainwave Training, Mind/Body Balance Enhancement (Neurophysiologic Regulation), Meditation , Breathing Techniques, and Heart-Rate Variability (HRV) Coaching.

Following your individualized treatment, you can expect a significantly fewer number of headaches, an increased ability to function, and a higher quality of life.

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Located out of New Orleans, LA, I provide in-person and online appointments to Northshore, Metairie, Kenner, Baton Rouge and surrounding communities.