Heart Brain/Body Coherence Training

Research provides support for the role that physiological mechanisms play in regulating the mind, body and emotions. This regulation influences our state of mental emotional and physical wellness. Research consistently illustrates that heart rate variability measures a person's ability to adapt to life challenges. This is the most dynamic  reflection of our inner states of wellness. By using the heart rate variability  technique a person can observe the changes of heart rhythm that provides a picture about the balance of your  nervous system.

The technique uses a sensor that measures the pulse from your finger. It feeds back to you the speeding and slowing of the heart rate and it analyzes your heart rate pattern. Smoother heart rhythm patterns indicate a more balanced nervous system while a more irregular pattern indicates a less balanced nervous system. Feedback of your heart -- mind/body rhythm enhances  training of coherence (i.e. the mind and heart  in balance with each other).

 By mastering heart-mind regulation, you will be able to experience enhanced balance/coherence in your body and mind.  Learning how to enter and maintain coherence results in decreased anxiety, improved mood, better quality of sleep, overall improvement in physical health, clearer thinking, increased concentration, and an overall reduction in stress.