Neurofeedback Therapy

img Neurofeedback training is becoming increasingly popular due to its powerful, non-medication approach that effectively reduces the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DIsorder (ADHD), depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, headache and many other conditions. Neurofeedback has its basis in applied neuroscience and data-based clinical practice. It meets the American Psychological Association's definition of an evidence based intervention.

Neurofeedback addresses problems related to brain dysregulation that can be associated with anxiety, depression, attention deficit, behavioral disorders, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, headaches, and emotional disturbances.

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, direct training of the brain. The brain/mind learns how to function with greater control and stability. The brain's activity is measured from moment to moment, recorded, and fed back to you in measurements as brainwave activity. When this brainwave activity becomes dysregulated from different parts of the brain, the result may manifest in behavioral, emotional and cognitive symptoms. The feedback, to you, trains your brain to return to normal regulation. Neurofeedback, independent of or with other therapies, allows you to actually see the brain changing as you experience improvement in your symptoms and condition.

While participating in Neurofeedback training, use of medications may be able to be discontinued or lowered as the brain takes over the role of regulating normal behavior, thoughts, and emotions. You will be better able to function effectively and efficiently on auto-pilot. Neurofeedback training is a gradual learning process, and will result in self-regulation of the brain's thoughts and emotions.

Below is a video to further your understanding of the Neurofeedback training: